The Summary of the International Day of Anagrams

On the first International Day of Anagrams (IDA) we had 57 participants from 10 countries (USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia). They created anagrams on three competitions, solved anagrams on four tournaments or worked as the members of international juries.
The chosen day for IDA is the birthday of Larry Brash (1948-2017), Australian psychiatrist who was the co-founder of the excellent Anagrammy Awards, website for true fans of anagrams.
The winners of the competitions on Serbian language were Željko Jozić, Dragan Stojanović, Nenad Savić and Zoran Radisavljević.
The winners of the competitions on English language were Milan Sečujski, David Bourke and Nenad Savić.
As the main organizer of this event, I am thanking to all participants and wish them to continue their activities in this hobby. The response of the puzzlers was not bad, but it’s obviously that more people from anglophone countries could make their contributions (especially visitors of the site Anagrammy Awards and members of National Puzzlers’ League in America, which I informed after well-known puzzler Will Shortz answered on my e-mail).
It’s not so easy to reach medias, but I published the informations in three puzzle magazines from Serbia and Croatia, was guest on RTV Vojvodina and will be guest on Radio Belgrade next Saturday. I also informed several people from World Puzzle Federation (though they work only with logic puzzles like sudoku). Ask your self can you do something to make anagrams more recognizable and appreciated in your towns and countries, because that’s the only way to find some people who will continue our work and ideas. We are all getting older and don’t have enthusiasm as before, so we need some younger puzzlers to bring new energy and creativity in our beautiful hobby.

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